September 18th, 2011 by Kabi under Blog

<rant> So, on August 23rd 2011 I purchased a Lenovo Think Pad Android Tablet. Today is September 18th 2011 and it has yet to ship. When I first ordered the tablet it said that my ship date was August 30th, which I was ok with. However, August 30th quickly turned into September  5th, then the 5th turned into the 12th, and then the 12th turned into the 21st and now the 21st has turned into October 3rd. Now, changing my ship date twice is something I can live with but changing it 4 times even after I called to complain and get my money back(which the indian woman on the other end of the phone refused to do and kept asking for 2 more business days to ship). I also tried to call again last night, it appears they have fired their 24 hr support team since it only lists American business hours now and the number I called before says they are closed (I called last time at about 9PM CST on a Saturday.) This whole ordeal is really making me sad. I really want this tablet. So I am forced to get my money back from the direct manufacturer of the product and buy it from one of their resellers. The whole business model where they ship all their merch to their resellers and leave the people who buy direct from them in the dust is a quite unreasonable one. I should just keep my money but this tablet is the best on the market and I gotta have one. </rant>

-Kabi out.

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